Dear World

•December 9, 2014 • 2 Comments

I refuse to be
a sheep in the herd of self – imposed butchery.
Dream like the sky’s the limit , they say
But how can we if we’ve never seen
the actual blue ?
When they’ve eclipsed our sky with
concrete carcasses.
Those plasma dots everybody’s looking at ?
they won’t shine for us , cue pollution .
Shrinks are throwing pills as nonchalantly
as the rice is in Indian weddings
Bullets are thrown faster than sticks and stones
Words seem to have lost their effect
Talk is now cheap
and yet we all need to pay the loans .
The word rape is being followed by culture
devoured by social vultures , it is good
to be bad and downright stupid
to be good.
Technology  has made
surviving easier and working harder
Medicine has accomplished a longer life span
but we live lesser and lesser.

Love is misinterpreted
as a stable relationship status
Forever lasts as long as it is convenient
Parents split family as if it was nihilistic
in a playpen of negligence
Friendship  , now stripped down
to number of Facebook friends
never in need , but fr-enemies indeed.
coats our relationships to show a flawless sheen
like clear nail polish.
Mirrors serve the purpose of letting us
color faces like coloring books
Material bordering on materialism
We critique externally
rather than asking ourselves
What have we become ?
There is no awaiting a zombie apocalypse
it is already here ,
Our minds , our hearts  , dead .

You weren’t like this , so tell me , old friend
Did this seem like a good intervention ?

The Catalyst

•December 4, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Had I known you’d be so obsidian
and manipulative
While balancing sunshine
as a ring upon your head
I would’ve cut all cables loose
To lose the electric current I was through
with you , don’t excuse
oblivion as innocence  , you and I both know
You are the product of catastrophe
And I am just the catalyst.

Stupid of me , I should’ve known
you were the eye of the storm
finding comfort in the chaos
surrounding you
Now I am foolproof towards your ambiguity
you were not confused , you were merely
an asshole.
Cheating is what cheating does
Mind over monogamy ,  overconfidence over consequence
Prepared myself for the blame game  
Let them incorrectly assume that I , the relationship wrecker ,
and you , a victim of feminine
poison .

So you can pretend your side of the story is
Use sandpaper to blunt and curve the specifics
Corrode society’s mind
with your nice guy tricks while I ,
I lay myself down under your stampede
of disillusion
Us humans , so gullible ,
so impatient to conclude without tangible proof
For love has neither laws attached nor strings
And cheating is just a silly side effect
among many other things.

You were solely  responsible for your self-destruction
Tried to drag me along but boy doesn’t know his equations
Forgot that I ,the catalyst , remains unchanged in the reaction.

Fire Extinguishers , Jenga Blocks and the Apocalyptic Crush

•September 25, 2014 • Leave a Comment

It’s only a crush.
Yet the word defines
endless metaphors of cute gore
Whether they are the cliché
butterflies incinerating my stomach
(For which I would gladly gulp a fire extinguisher)
or I , the  melted Popsicle ,  the one you wont cry over .
Though now I am beginning to understand
The semantics of holding your hand
or the force field of your goodbyes
Crushes me , like wet concrete
underneath your feet ,
You have imprinted on me.

So forgive me if I wish to defy
The appeal of one plus one
Being solitary , my adjective
Which you have so elegantly knocked over
as if it were a poorly built Jenga block tower
Dragged to the level of silly similes
You are the apocalypse of me
I have allowed cheesy to encapsulate
Imagined countless scenarios
of parallel lines intersecting
I shouldn’t be acknowledging
your presence and absence
but it smashes me like a bullet train
or the bullet you are , cozy up in my brain
My composure now promoted to
most certifiably nuts.

So I tell myself , it is just a crush ,
A puddle
Then why do I feel like I’m drowning  ?

Bouquet above Bones

•September 24, 2014 • 3 Comments

Leave me love ,
Leave my body behind.
Watch my eyes drift shut this final time
While the birds mourn from the loss of my seeds
Let my soul evaporate as serenely as it may please
Could you remember me not as the woman with the noose
Or the one with an emptied bottle of pills ?
I’m aware that my reasons shall remain a mystery
Just know that life was a carcass inside of me
A mother would never leave behind her only son
But I could not drag him into the pain I had solely become
Remind him my love is being pumped by his heart
Hoping one day he’ll forgive me for these mental shards
Do visit my stories and a smile at my gravestone
My soul may have scarred, my porcelain bones
Bouquets will flourish above them , not weeds
of  cowardly pride
Promise me I won’t be just another suicide .

Easy – Unnecessary musings #1

•August 31, 2014 • 4 Comments

I wish it was this easy for most of us , to find someone of the opposite sex and go ,” Hey you ! Yeah , you ! Date me. “
But it’s not.

Especially when you’re a reader or a writer. Even if you’re not socially popular ,  you’ve already put yourself in the shoes of so many fictional characters with various personalities or written about the people inhabiting your mind. You can no longer define yourself as a single individual .
Would you like 2 cubes of adjectives in your tea ?  *Unladylike-snort* More like 15-20 would be delightful !

I always wonder what it would be like to just reveal yourself to someone. Do you just flip the hood of your car or do you take them for a ride ? ( No pun intended )
To open up to you would be like stripping the editing of a beautiful photo and revealing the raw form. Synonymous to presenting  a gold ore and fools gold and demanding an ultimatum.  I am unable to suppress the fear that you may most likely choose fools gold and I would be forced to refine myself by man made processes to be able to get your attention .Get my flow ?

And can I point out , that love is blind seems like bullshit ? True , if we are referring to platonic love , for instance the love of a mother for her child , looks are not taken into consideration. But what about love at first sight ? You didn’t know their personality beforehand ( Duh) and all you knew at that instant was the person’s appearance.
Also , if you’re into someone you must at some level be physically attracted to them , again pointing out that love , my WordPress peeps , is not blind. Hence Proved ?

Sigh .

Mythologies and Mundanes

•August 26, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Like Icarus , I am irrevocably drawn to you
An ineffable source poised amidst the blue
Your radiance chased away my shadowed sorrows
Instilled in me faith , your unlimited tomorrows
Desire soared to burn with your incandescence
So exquisite , we could be an entity of essence
To be able to hold you like vines that intertwine
Simply put , I wished to make you mine.

Like Orpheus , I would envelope you in serenades
Moonshine with music , soporific till you fade
I always regret my undoing of a stationary promise
Watched you disappear like the last sip of wine in my chalice
Eurydice , know that I will eternally search for you
Anxiously hoping your arrival to heaven is due
For you were my lens for epiphanies
Now my lyre only weeps cacophonies.

Like Lynceus , I would be gentle and considerate
Not all men are inculcated with ego and violence
Your purpose would not be solely to proliferate
Believe that I would worship you with reverence .
Hypermnestra , I beg of you to give me a chance
Without the hasty slash of metal murder
Allow my admiration to encase you in a trance
So we can some day take this relationship further.

Like Cupid , I betrayed to occupy the space beside you
Asking nothing of you but blind acceptance
Coveted us in black yet we were devoid of rue
Our superficial beauty should have been of no relevance .
However , cat-killed-curiosity marred your judgement
So I abandoned you in quick distress
Although misunderstandings are imminent
Psyche , never have I loved you any less.

Our story is analogous to Greek mythology
A 21st century version of sophisticated tragedy
Lacking the godliness and complimentary suicide
The infamous female envy or heinous male pride
We flourish in my Greek styled imagination
Though we aren’t beings of mythical creation
You and I , exist with an artistic vehemence
But unfortunately, never in the same sentence.

Dust Mote

•July 18, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Thats how you make me feel.
Flaunting your grandiose excellence
Eloquent critique but of no relevance
You desire to inhabit the level of skies
Us rooted trees grow but we dare not fly
Humility abandoned will result in regress
Skipping steps fragments the ladder of success
Lack of morals will propagate your comatose
Since you aren’t corrigible by poem or prose.


Thats what you make me believe
Your confidence a consumer of my insecurity
However I doubt the strength of your integrity
Lonely people , we’re less lonely than we think
Than those surrounded till a spill at the brink
We can dance the rivalry of the repartee
You crave an audience , essence of a celebrity
Placed yourself on a pedestal , its clear
The reality underneath your feet , you fear.


Thats what you think I am
You got the world believing you’re what they want
Little do they know , its all an inglorious front
Think out of the box so you make yours bigger
I incinerate mine , whose life is meager ?
Glitter is achieved even by fool’s gold
Instant gratification can make anyone bold
Give me a ray of sunshine and maybe
Ill let my dust motes show you beauty.


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