The Never Ending Evers

Have you ever entered the state of dormancy
Where the world finally takes a pause
Allow yourself to surrender this once
Sick of working for an applause.

Have you ever wished to defy gravity
Body floats above the lives unwound
Leave me before my mind compresses
Bringing us both crashing to the ground

Have you ever left the  sunshine
Inhabited a bed at the depths of a well
Too fragile to let the ropes bring you out
Too insecure to leave your self-made cell.

Have you ever lost the certainty
Deteriorating hope and self-confidence
Nobody understands the absence of faith
So we become pretenders of insolence.

Have you ever reached the peak of exploitation
Living and breathing the verb called tire
Preserve our bodies in cryogenic fluid
Since our visual saline put out the fire.

Have you ever felt nauseous of the pretense
Civilization is a shiny gift wrapper , a metaphor
Adorning a box of universal lies
Repulsed by the genuine , the fake we adore.

Have you ever gotten rid of the never-ending ”evers”
Left the universe to go figure or fathom
While the rest of us immobilize
Since we’re better off at the bottom.

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~ by Spirited away on October 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Never Ending Evers”

  1. You’re wonderful…
    You also make me feel woefully inadequate, but for most part, you’re wonderful.

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