Not just another poet

CAUTION : This poem is for people who can tolerate dark humor . Softies , you have been warned.

I apologize , for this poem may come out a little strong
Opinions like javelins , go ahead and point me wrong
Poetry’s entered the stream of main , its almost a drag
Some of the poetry online could honestly make you gag
Young adult novels got teens thinking poetry gets them lucky
While their vocabulary size is at the same growth rate as Chucky
You think you’re so damn original with your pop song lines ?
That’s a minor form of piracy , lad , didnt you read the sign ?

Excuse me , my annoyance is kind of pure and flowing
Unlike your broken poetry , only after sex is glowing
Behold the  abbreviation types!  they are oh so famous
Glorify swag cause yolo ,  while the rest is ignoramus
Like omg , idk how yu cud juz break ma hart
A language like this makes civilizations fall apart
Call me a hypocrite , maybe my poems suck ass too
But atleast Im not publishing typical indifferent poo .

Big words are thrown about like its goddamn Quidditch
No relation whatsoever , you must really be a dumb bitch
This poem makes me one too , yet less lacking in the former
Got you switching many topics , you must be a Transformer .
Everybody’s got themselves thinking that they’re fancy poets
Screw the wake up call , cause they’re not and they know it.
Shakespeare and inc. are laughing at us from their  coffins
Now Ill pretend to be a poet and end this poem with muffins.

~ by Spirited away on October 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Not just another poet”

  1. Damn! You’re good! I look forward reading more of your poems.

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