Tonight, I’m eighteen . Ta-da.

So , I’m officially breaking the poem chain with this random essay of unnecessary pseudo-deep rambling. Most people complain about how the moment their age adds a number has no profound change on them. The same applies to me right now. We think we’ll get a revelation , understand a universal truth that everybody knows but nobody understands. But instead , what do I feel right now ?  Nada . Zilch . Kuch nahi .

I spent my entire childhood thinking I would be free once I grew up. Relieved from these rules that adults follow and impose on us. Somebody should have given me a sign that my theory was plain WRONG. The older you grow , the more the rules of the world suppress on you. The worst would probably be the rules of society. How I am supposed to behave , to dress , my etiquette , my morals and lets not forget  , my religion. Nobody tells you that when you grow up you have to do boring things like get a job ,  have an apartment , pay your bills , get married , have babies and other bland rules. Rules I know I don’t want to follow. So this is where it gets tough. Do we follow the rules or do we make our own  ?

We make our own. Duh. Now that I’m a half-adult ( half baby , you have my permission to snort )  I am opting for my own set of rules. Peer pressure lurks among adults more than it does in teenagers , only its more obvious because teenagers often are the highlight for stupid – yay us ! – decisions . My motto in life will be Hakuna Matata  , mainly because I have anxiety issues I really need to get rid of and well , because its Lion King which pretty much marks my childhood  . Shit happens and I will not pretend to be okay with it , I will clean that shit up and get over it the dirty way. Hell yeah. You know what I hate the most about being eighteen ? It takes me a step closer to adulthood . What Ive observed so far are adults are such hypocrites. Everything I was told to believe in or follow was never reciprocated. But if it means my almost adult self has independent thinking , now I wont have to pretend I actually follow their crap

Now you’re probably thinking
a. Her poems weren’t so goddamn long , shut up already
b. what’s the point of this introspection ? or
c. You clearly don’t know what I’m thinking so give up .

If its a , then congratulations because you have reached the end of this essay . b , then none actually , I just happen to be spending my last moments of being seventeen alone . c , then we have just established that I am not a psychic .

Goodbye to being seventeen and mean , only to be eighteen and mean instead. Quite the improvement , I must say. Thank you fellow WordPress bloggers for reading my posts for over a year now , it feels nice to know somebody actually reads this blog :) Kudos to us .

Holy cow , I’m eighteen.

~ by Spirited away on November 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Eighteen”

  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! 18….watch out world!

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