Since I was 16
I chose to collect words
loving the way each syllable was a kiss,
each alphabet a degree of warmth
weaving a sweater that suited every weather.
A fashion statement nobody could defy
for it held their favorite word
before their beseeching eyes.
One day I began to incessantly burn
after I stumbled upon a new word
So I stepped into the flames and never looked back.

See it felt like a prayer, this word I found
Despite my oblivion towards God
I was willing to believe it held hope
Nothing else had so far.
Your life an epoch, I agreed to disagree
that a human’s soul was innocuous
Positive that yours was bona fide magic.
Emotions heightened, I no longer felt
sad, content, annoyed or bored
rather crestfallen, felicitated, livid, tiresome
and most importantly, I felt you
in every heartbeat I chose to skip, gesundheit
every cheese fondue dipped lyric,
omnipresent was your essence, I was craving your presence.

But sometimes
repetition leads to falsified obsession
Although I swore to you the utmost devotion
‘You’ was never good enough
I pushed you on a throne you were willing to give up
The word felt like a winter morning
on the way to my funeral
You decided your sweater didn’t need ‘me’
I agreed that our sweaters would never weave a ‘we’
And soon your three letters felt too less
One syllable too compressed
I couldn’t stand how it all
came down to
So off I went
in search of  a word that meant something new.
(Although in each one I’m trying to find someone
who’s just like you)



You’ve come to visit my mind.

You say its sublime, darling, give it some time
Dingy streets may now seem like exotic misadventures
Marble floors have been accumulated from cheap dentures
Skies of sanguine have not been derived from the sun
Thinks the city smells of fragrant smoke
Love, it’s actually burnt.
You find the architecture worth immeasurable dimes
Unaware of fragile foundations and self-abusive crimes
“This place is sick!”,
unaware that you’re literally correct
Perception averting more than what the mirrors reflect
The sands of time will soon overlay my green expanses
I wish you’d stay longer but you can’t take any more chances.
Soon you’ll complain about the weather, find the cuisine lacking
Begin to fall sick, grab your bags and start packing
Grumble about the empty population and the cultural degradation
Claim that this is a paradox of Wonderland and Prozac Nation
At first you obsessed back and forth like a palindrome
But eventually tourists can’t wait to get their asses back home.


Their words a buffet, suffocation in corsets
a string — one of many — of rusted physical threats
and to think that she would bury being the epithet
the Milquetoast’s been buttered with abuse’s silhouette.
Oh no, my love, we don’t have the permission to fret
You are the abandoned house for all the men to sublet
Pinch your cheeks, pucker up, exploit your make up set
Replay the hollow game with every customer you’ve met.

Revitalize your age with nocturnal truth you’ve been fed
Breathe atheism, despite the times God’s name has been said
Know that freedom doesn’t lay in the cage that is your bed
the orgasms short-lived, don’t let them get to your head.
Mental peace need not arrive only after prescribed meds
Light need not illuminate only after curtains are shed
Escape and perhaps a new pathway shall be led
Bury her, she must be left with the dead.

Scientifically Approved Infatuation

You had me at “Science can be our little thing”
Like Pavlov’s dog, my heart morphs into a bell you can ring
A virus, you infect and lyse my cells apart with love
Touch caused skin inflammation, massage me with oil of clove.
Mastered the art of smooth, you must be endoplasmic reticulum
Your IQ makes me swoon, thanks for damaging my cerebellum
Arms a wall of lignin around me, I adore how you’re so tough
He’s got some ribosome on, my ER knows when I like it rough
No butterflies, my ganglions are noodles which you devoured
Lets pollinate babe, this carpel can’t wait to get deflowered.

You and I are Venn diagrams with no common ground
I’m a wild type of obsolete, you’re a mutant so profound
Can we experiment if our hips collide perfectly like Tetris?
You induce my dopamine to rise like its performing mitosis
Sunshine, gift me a lifetime supply of your Vitamin D
How can an antibody like you ever want an antigen like me?
Our lives parallel like epidermis and bones that never meet
Yet I adore the keratin from your head till on the toes of your feet
The auxochrome to my chromophore, without you I cannot function
Your absence equivalent to the consequences of gene deletion.

Like inertia, my emotions maintained a state of statuary positions
Until your arrival, I salivate greater than lava from volcanic eruptions
Your constant arguments make my brain wet with cerebrospinal fluid
You’re universal facts so muscular, I’m disapproved theories so languid
I fantasize about you as Newton’s apple gravitating towards me
Trying to be a thermophile, can’t resist your temperature of ginormous degree
I suffer from you, I know neither your genus nor species
You’ve transformed my cardiac desert into flourishing topiaries
From the observations and inference, I’ve some concluding to do
I guess this is how nerds say,” I think I’m in love with you”.

The Ass-pocalypse

Once there was an Ice Age and Stone Age
Among other elements on the history page
Better scatter the world with herbs of sage
Because now we have reached the Ass Age.
Whilst  curves were once worshiped as equals
Nobody’s concerned anymore about the sequel
Fascination lies majorly for the prequel
Whether it is the size of a shrimp or a Rorqual.

Scientists have no theories or facts to infer to
People’s unhealthy obsession with the vessel of poo
Body language is no longer a trend of the crew
Instead a drop , a wiggle or a twerk will do .
You are what you eat , either fresh or rotten
Ensure its choice is to reside in your rear bottom
Guaranteed the rest of you shall be forgotten
When you pop that bubblegum or candy that cotton.

Health is wealth , hit the gym or go for track
So you’re rewarded with scoundrels hollering Baby got Back
Appreciation is given only to those with a well-rounded pack
Ain’t nobody got time for that soggy flat sack.
Our future generations will be mesmerized by our attraction
Towards storage systems for the process of excretion
For now , we shower thy posteriors with celebration
And hope to die soon by natural selection.

Mermaid Intentions


I would prefer a tail over feet in a heartbeat
Free myself of the misery of being discreet
While you choke on factory food with gluttony
A plastic bag chokes aqueous fauna pleasantly
Non-biodegradable like human consequences
Unconcerned and unstirred – hence is
the life of feet – by the ripples that lead thee
to waves , to storms , to chaos , to  me.

When known people plead my immediate return
I shall dive deeper underwater and let cities burn
Due to the dehydration caused by shallow living
Dreams dying in archives of minds un-grieving
There continues the competition of being clones
Repeating a pre-planned cycle , mindless drones
have we become , I quit from the constant harass
For being eccentric and not a parakeet carcass.

I find peace in aqua , corner-less and colossal
Grandeur illuminated by the effects of Tyndall
Darkness in depths shall cocoon us to sleep
While oceans grow with tears that we weep
Isolated from concrete and man-made noise
Softly suspended within the paragon of poise
Scales of iridescence upon extremities are laid
Farewell mortality and morph into a mermaid.


Forgive me stranger , I must withhold from conductance
of bodily warmth , fetus in an alcove of resistance
I am inhuman towards these cardiac emotions
Of gleeful illusions , of hormonal infusions
Incapacitated by thy need of constant devotion
Revolted by cheap wine you deem a love potion.
Infatuation inevitable , our endurance shall last as long
as lymphocyte cells , this attraction isn’t as strong
as the abyss within which my monolith is upright
A sight deemed responsible for this precarious night.

And you speak with such reverence of my physicality
Soul tangent to the curves , you won’t acknowledge me
when the nocturnal crescent dies , crescendos dissipate
Dawn incarcerates all that’s left behind to celebrate
Your lips fluent in words belonging to the superficial
Mine can fathom none other than those of the abysmal
Let’s play Russian roulette to this wicked game called love
The sky bleeds profusely , over the horizon flies a dove
You offer a thorn-adorned rose to tear my paper heart
While I dissemble the trigger lock to obliterate my head apart.

When Your Personal Demon is Your BFF

Trust me , I’ll stay.

A pretty paroxysm of downward emotion
I won’t give you the baby blues of a butter knife
Depression is a shade of red, purple and black
Like the face of a frequently beaten wife .
Cower under your blanket and expect
Oblivion to save you from whats under the bed
Although I’m the parasite you welcome inside you
to blacken your veins and devour your head.
Dissection of the brain is our hobby
Trauma our drama , isn’t it love ?
Kill the sunshine by letting it evaporate
happiness like water on a stove .
Having  faith in those depression quizzes
Everybody desires to be sad nowadays
I’ll help you drown in the mainstream of
I’m not okay’s.

Come run away with me to our kingdom
Before the psychiatrists reprimand
I’m a rabid rabbit and you’re in
Post-apocalyptic Wonderland
You’re a bound and crowned Alice ,
Low self-esteem , more self malice
Finding satisfaction in any abuse
As you sip death from your chalice .
Palace walls ooze liquid bodies of malevolence
Their viscous digits flowing down to hold your hand
Encouraging the blade to carve individual words
Retelling haunting tales only you and I can understand .
Loneliness and I come in the best combinations
Showing your true ugliness only a mirror can comprehend
Grow the keratin and scratch the pretty from your face
You and I are going to be such good friends.

Dear World

I refuse to be
a sheep in the herd of self – imposed butchery.
Dream like the sky’s the limit , they say
But how can we if we’ve never seen
the actual blue ?
When they’ve eclipsed our sky with
concrete carcasses.
Those plasma dots everybody’s looking at ?
they won’t shine for us , cue pollution .
Shrinks are throwing pills as nonchalantly
as the rice is in Indian weddings
Bullets are thrown faster than sticks and stones
Words seem to have lost their effect
Talk is now cheap
and yet we all need to pay the loans .
The word rape is being followed by culture
devoured by social vultures , it is good
to be bad and downright stupid
to be good.
Technology  has made
surviving easier and working harder
Medicine has accomplished a longer life span
but we live lesser and lesser.

Love is misinterpreted
as a stable relationship status
Forever lasts as long as it is convenient
Parents split family as if it was nihilistic
in a playpen of negligence
Friendship  , now stripped down
to number of Facebook friends
never in need , but fr-enemies indeed.
coats our relationships to show a flawless sheen
like clear nail polish.
Mirrors serve the purpose of letting us
color faces like coloring books
Material bordering on materialism
We critique externally
rather than asking ourselves
What have we become ?
There is no awaiting a zombie apocalypse
it is already here ,
Our minds , our hearts  , dead .

You weren’t like this , so tell me , old friend
Did this seem like a good intervention ?