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Frankenstein’s Female Monster

Seemingly so ,
The whole world except you knows
The monster you have made me become
You believe you’ve created someone
Dig catacomb deep , Frankenstein
There’s nothing but hideous inside of me
Who would fall for this wretched  face
Who would sing songs about my grace ?
Does existence have a purpose
If love for me is a degrading carcass ?

Broken and haphazardly stitched
Sylvia Plath’s mirror
does my reflection no good
Would a man desire my grafted lips
Or wish to dance holding my slanted hips ?
Hell hath no fury ,  I cannot fathom
Will regret or relief follow revenge
is my once fresh soul
You’ve stolen my choice to be someone
Look at the monster you’ve made me become.

Love has thrown me out of  the equation
Who will bring me heart wrenching elation ?
Love songs
I shall never be able to relate
Future ruined , you’ve preplanned my fate
If our past has damaged me enough to mortify
The love and beauty that once flourished inside
transforms us to Frankenstein’s monsters
Then it must be fair , you replace Frankenstein
No man will ever be mine , and I’ll make sure
love , that no woman shall be yours.

About Spirited away

Trying to be as real as I can get.

4 responses to “Frankenstein’s Female Monster

  1. Wow, just wow, that’s brilliant!! :)

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